Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Stein am Rhein

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions – Stein am Rhein (Switzerland)

Full service provider and contract manufacturer for technical project volumes ranging from prototype quantities to millions per annum LSR and 2-component solutions, ranging from first prototype development through to serial production.


  • State-of-the-art, fully-automated Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)
  • 2-shot technology (TP-LSR or LSR-LSR)
  • Micro-molding technology
  • Class 7 (10.000) and Class 8 (100.000) cleanrooms
  • High precision LSR toolmaking


  • Custom technical, high-precision and complex molded parts
  • Micro parts
  • Two- and more component solutions



  • LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber), 10-80 Shore A, all types and colors
  • TP (Technical Plastics, e.g. PA, PBT, or PC) ?in connection with ?2-component parts

Take a virtual tour of our LSR capabilites and manufacturing facilities.  For mor detailed information on our LSR products, contact your local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Marketing Company.