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The world of seals and service

In the groove

New in the Groove Magazine Available

The world of seals and service

The latest edition of in the groove, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions magazine aimed at engineers, is now available. The app version contains additional digital content and printed copies can be ordered from your local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company.

Highlights in this issue include:

  • O-Rings Online! – The best tool for calculating O-Ring and housing sizes has been updated
  • Moving into a Higher Gear –  Co-operating on gearboxes in China with Sany Suote Transmission Equipment Co./ Ltd.
  • World’s Biggest O-Ring – Trelleborg enters the Guiness Book of World Records!
  • Virtual meets Reality – Contact Trelleborg Sealing Solutions experts in the competence forum
  • In a Spin – Two new rotary seals for high speed applications
  • Well-Oiled – Turcon® Stepseal® V LM improves performance across the whole system
  • Putting the Pieces Together – Services to simplify your manufacturing
  • Avoiding the Bubbles – Ulf Rieper, OEM Manager at Shell Lubricants, discusses aeration of lubricant in hydraulic systems
  • Surface Coating Superhero Fights Friction – Nano-scale surface coatings reduce friction
  • Orkot® Hydro Bearings – Orkot® TXMM and TLMM bearings improve dam efficiency
  • XploR™ Deeper Waters – New products for extreme pressure and temperature efficiency