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Rotary Seal Selector

The Rotary Seal Selector is intended to guide you to the most common rotary seals in combination with standard materials. However, a rotary application includes more factors that will have an impact on the seal type and material, such as pollution, lubrication conditions, cooling or controlled temperature and aspects related to hardware and surface roughness.

For additional support, you can contact a Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Rotary Seal Specialist to get a recommendation for your specific sealing application.

Please note, the Rotary Seal Selector does not generate advice for an entire sealing system that would include multiple seals and bearings.

Any Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products identified as a result of using data obtained through the Rotary Seal Selector for use in a specific application must be assessed by the Rotary Tool end user, customer and/or purchaser through the appropriate test methods in order to ensure product suitability.

Rotary selector
You may also scan the QR-Code and download the Rotary Seal Selector App to your mobile device
De meest recente toevoeging aan onze serie online tools geeft u advies bij het selecteren van individuele afdichtingen voor rotaties.

U kunt:
  • zoeken naar afdichtingen voor rotaties gebaseerd op specifieke informatie over uw toepassing zoals maatvoering, bedrijfsparameters, gebruikt smeermiddel, maar ook installatie type en functie van de afdichting.
  • afdichtingen selecteren en vergelijken.
  • detail informatie vinden over afdichtingsmateriaal, capaciteiten van de afdichtingen en installatie gegevens.
  • de gegevens opslaan als referentie voor toekomstige projecten.
Om deze tool te gebruiken moet u ingelogd zijn.