Lubrication management

Lubrication Management

Maximize the lifetime of your hydraulic systems now

Effective sealing in demanding hydraulic applications requires seals and lubricant to work together.
Trelleborg’s Lubrication Management technology transforms hydraulic sealing by adjusting lubrication conditions of all single sealing elements within a sealing system.

Performance. Efficiency. Longevity. These are the things that matter in engineering. They’re also the things that an effective sealing and lubrication system safeguards.

Trelleborg’s Lubrication Management technology approaches hydraulic sealing and lubrication systems from a comprehensive perspective, in which each element is a complementary component of a unified whole. Lubrication Management technology uses adequate lubrication to reduce the load on each sealing element, thereby optimizing the performance of the hydraulic system in terms of friction, wear and lifetime.

Take a look at these tools and resources for a closer look at lubrication management and its benefits over conventional sealing systems:
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Webinar: Lubrication Management Technology in Hydraulic Sealing Systems

Join Dr. Mandy Wilke to take an in-depth look at Lubrication Management technology and how it can optimize the performance of hydraulic sealing systems
Un'Introduzione alla "Lubrication Management"
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Questo whitepaper rappresenta un'utile panoramica della ""Lubrication Management"" dal punto di vista delle soluzioni di tenuta. Si basa sull'esperienza sia di Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, che del settore in generale, per fornire un punto di partenza per lo studio della tribologia. Un punto di partenza dal quale poi è possibile affrontare il mondo della tenuta e della lubrificazione, con una maggiore conoscenza e competenza - dalla sua storia, dallo sviluppo alle ultime soluzioni.

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