Advanced Delivery

Trelleborg's optimally positioned Forward Stocking locations are ready to deliver products to where they're needed.

Trelleborg's optimally positioned Forward Stocking locations are ready to deliver products to where they're needed.

Part of the Trelleborg Service PLUS program − Advanced Delivery is a customizable and scalable logistics system, comprising everything from inventory management to the SealScan KANBAN system, streamlining customers’ operations and saving money. Now’s your chance to find out more.

“AN INVENTORY THAT MANAGES ITSELF is something that would improve efficiency at any facility,” says Jan Kies, Director European Lead Group Service PLUS at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. “Managing procurement and stocking, ensuring deliveries from multiple suppliers are where they need to be on time, and maintaining production levels of parts on the facility floor can be a costly challenge.”

As a logical extension of its customer-oriented philosophy, Trelleborg introduced the Service PLUS program, optimizing its customers' supply chains, secondary processes and urgent requirements. The Advanced Delivery suite of services is a part of this.

Advanced Delivery transfers the management of stock to Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. This offers advantages to customers by consolidating supply chains, in turn reducing costs and delays in production. It can lower storage requirements and stock levels while increasing efficiency.

“Since launching our first program in 2008, we’ve found that our customers enjoy simplified processes, lower operational costs and improved quality and delivery performance when using Trelleborg’s Advanced Delivery services,” said Heather Castleman, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Marketing Americas Director of Strategic Initiatives and Services. “By working closer with our best customers, we can design value-added delivery services that are win-win programs leaving our customers totally satisfied with Trelleborg’s performance.”

SealScan for KANBAN

SealScan for KANBAN

SealScan for KANBAN

“SealScan is a KANBAN system that operates directly from the production floor,” says Jan. “The customers simply use an iOS device to scan the barcode on a bin that’s running low on components and we handle the rest.” Trelleborg Sealing Solutions instantly receives the order and begins the seal picking process.

Trelleborg maintains a number of logistics centers and forward stocking locations globally. Positioning stock geographically closer to our customers using Advanced Delivery services enables Trelleborg to ship immediately. “When the order is received, our teams spring to work,” says Jan. “Parts are picked at our satellite warehouses and packaged according to special requirements, meaning customers do not have to carry large stocks of seals and long transport routes are avoided, expediting deliveries and reducing environmental impacts.”

The orders are shipped by Trelleborg logistics fleets on time, which ensures the products are with you when they’re needed. “They can arrive directly to your facility, where they can be added to the production bin, with the whole cycle seamlessly ready to begin anew” says Jan. In specific cases it is even possible to have on-demand deliveries on site within one hour, with multiple service levels to meet customer requirements.

Customizable and Scalable

“One of the best things about the Service PLUS program, in my opinion, is the scalability and customizability of it,” says Jan. “We’re set up to be able to offer anything from simple delivery to complete inventory management, including packaging, labelling and special handling, all of which can expand with your business worldwide – a real advantage to working with a global company like Trelleborg,” finishes Jan.


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Service PLUS aims at uniting various enhanced solutions across the entire value chain, simplifying the processes of engineering, logistics, manufacturing and aftermarket for the customer. Beside Advanced Delivery, these components are part of the Service PLUS concept:

Special Handling: Refers to the numerous individual packaging solutions on offer, as well as additional surface treatment or marking options. This not only includes special protective packaging or replacement part kits, but also streamlining measures, such as vendor reduction or reducing warehouse stock.

QuickSeal: Covers short-notice needs for seals; depending on material these can be manufactured in one day of order.

Assembly: Trelleborg is willing and able to offer pre-assembled parts put together by specially trained staff, delivered directly to the customer.

Digital Tools: Online resources and apps developed to make an engineer’s life easier.

Engineering Support Services: World-class engineering solutions and supporting services – from extensive design & compound competence, to ample product testing, Trelleborg provides expert support for your engineering needs.

Further pillars will be added to the Service PLUS concept in the future.
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