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Aerospace Groove Selector

Aerospace Groove Selector is an app to find the size of grooves and hardware and it indicates if the groove is suitable for a dynamic seal and/or a static seal. It covers three of the most important SAE aerospace groove standards for hydraulic systems, AS4716 Rev B, AS5857 Rev A and AS6235 Rev A. It also provides an instant conversion between inch and mm sizes.


Note: Aerospace Groove Selector compatible with IE 9 and above, Chrome and Firefox

Valid Dash Numbers:
• AS4716: 004-028, 104-149, 210-247, 325-349, 425-460
• AS5857: 001-028, 104-149, 210-247, 325-349, 425-460
• AS6235: 006-028, 106-149, 210-247, 325-349, 425-460

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