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Rotary Seals / Shaft Seals

Rotary Seals / Shaft Seals

Sealing Cap

Sealing Caps consist of a metal cap which has been rubber coated. They are used to plug seal gaps or holes. They are often used as a substitute for sealing flanges and covers in gear manufacturing.

Reciprocating - not active Oscillating - not active Rotary - not active Helix - not active Static - active Single acting - not active Double acting - not active

Technical details

Ø RangeStatic PressureTemp RangeVelocity
16 - 180 mm--30°C +200°C-
0.63 in – 7 in--20°F +390°F-


Rotary Seals

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Rotary Seals

(English) PDF 4543KB


(CN Simplified) PDF 8831KB

Těsnění rotačních pohybů

(Czech) PDF 2135KB


(Deutsch) PDF 5918KB


(Japanese) PDF 2846KB

Uszczelnienia ruchu obrotowego

(Polish) PDF 9548KB

Juntas Rotativas

(Español) PDF 3376KB

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