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One-Stop-Shop For Sealing Solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers you everything from the versatile elastomer O-Ring to complex multi-faceted PTFE based and polyurethane geometries. Over the past 50 years we’ve developed a portfolio of seals and bearings that can meet the most demanding industry-specific needs. Our range of products includes hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, shaft seals, oil seals and other rotary seals, mechanical face seals / heavy duty seals, o-rings aircraft seals and a broad variety of static seals. And in the unlikely event that none of these suit your requirements, we can develop a specific product for your application.

Aircraft Seals Specialized aerospace seals / aircraft seals
Bearings and Bushings Innovative bearings and bushings
Engineered Seals, Gaskets and other Parts Custom-designed seals, gaskets and diaphragms
Flat gaskets A range of best-in-class flat gaskets from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Hydraulic Piston Seals Hydraulic Piston Seals with low friction
Hydraulic Rod Seals Hydraulic Rod Seals for excellent leakage control
Hydraulic Scrapers / Wipers Hydraulic Scrapers / Wipers prevent system contamination
Hydraulic Wear Rings Optimized performance with hydraulic Wear Rings and Guide Rings
Mechanical Face Seals Mechanical Face Seals - Heavy Duty Seals
O-Rings O-Rings in standard and custom sizes
Pneumatic Seals Complete range of pneumatic seals , including piston, rod and static seals
Rotary Seals / Shaft Seals Dynamic rotary shaft seals , oil seals and other rotary seals
Silicone Tubing / Silicone Hose Complete line of medical and food grade silicone products
Static Seals Broad range of static seals
Surface Finishing Surface Finishing


Product range Industrial sealing (English)

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产品目录 (Chinese)

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Výrobní program Těsnění pro standardní průmysl (Czech)

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Tuoteohjelma tiivisteet (Finnish)

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Aperçu de la gamme - Etanchéité industrielle (French)

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Lieferprogramm Industrie Dichtungen (German)

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Termékválaszték - Ipari tömítések (Hungarian)

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Gamma dei Prodotti - Soluzioni di Tenuta (Italian)

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製品案内 (Japanese)

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Program Produkcji - uszczelnienia przemysłowe (Polish)

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Linha de produtos vedação industrial (Portuguese)

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Gama de producto - estanquidad industrial (Spanish -versión mexicana)

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Leveransprogram tätningssystem (Swedish)

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Product Range Aerospace sealing solutions (English)

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航空密封解决方案 (Chinese)

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