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Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic Seals

Pneumatic Cushioning Seal

Cushioning seals provide end-of-stroke damping in pneumatic cylinders, eliminating the need for check valves. These polyurethane, high performance seal elements are user-friendly and provide an automatic centering check valve function and easy, snap-in installation.

Reciprocating - active Oscillating - not active Rotary - not active Helix - not active Static - not active Single acting - active Double acting - not active

Technical details

Ø RangeStatic PressureTemp RangeVelocity
6 - 60 mm1.6 MPa-40°C +110°C1 m/s
0.236 in –
2.5 in
232 psi-40°F +230°F3 ft/s


Pneumatic Seals

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Pneumatic Seals

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Pneumatik Dichtungen

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Uszczelnienia pneumatyczne

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