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Hydraulic Wear Rings

Hydraulic Wear Rings

HiMod® Slydring®

HiMod® Slydring® prevents metal-to-metal contact between piston / rod and bore / gland, absorbing transverse loads. The modified polymeric material provides an economical solution for applications with medium transverse loads, while giving good wear and compression properties. The Slydring® is easily installed by snap-fitting and offers good dry-running and wiping performance. Higher static loads are permissible.

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Reciprocating - active Oscillating - active Rotary - not active Helix - active Static - not active Single acting - not active Double acting - not active

Technical details

Ø RangeRadial Bearing
Temp RangeVelocity
8 – 915 mm50 MPa-40°C +130°C1 m/s
0.315 in – 36 in7,200 psi-40°F +275°F3 ft/s


Slydring® - Wear Ring Metric

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Vodicí kroužky Slydring®

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Slydring® - Aros de guía

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Pierścienie prowadzące Slydring®

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Hydraulic Seals Metric

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Hydraulic Seals (complete catalog)

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(CN Simplified) PDF 13496KB

Juntas Hidráulicas

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Joints Hydrauliques - Applications linéaires

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Гидравлические уплотнения возвратно

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Hydraulic Seals Inch

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Hydraulic Seals Inch

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HiMod® Slydring® HC

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