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Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals – Improving Performance

Hydraulic applications are challenging for Seals. Not only must the hydraulic seals prevent leakage of fluid from the Cylinder, but hydraulic seals must also withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and transverse forces within the cylinder. In such applications, the function of Hydraulic Seals goes far beyond preventing fluid leakage.

Hydraulic Seals in our E-Catalog

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Turcon M12 -superior PTFE seal material for hydraulic

We also offer an e-Learning program on sealing technology:

Hydraulic Seals - Lesson 1: Basics

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Hydraulic Cylinder Seals: Performance and Durability

Hydraulic systems are sealed using a combination of specialized seals. Hydraulic Rod seals prevent leakage of fluid from within the cylinder to the outside while hydraulic piston seals prevent fluid from flowing across the cylinder head. This allows pressure build up on one side of the piston, making the Cylinder extend or retract. Wear rings guide the piston and piston rod within the hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse forces, preventing metal-to-metal contact. Scrapers or Wipers scrape dirt, foreign particles, chips or moisture from the piston rods as they retract into the cylinder, preventing contamination.

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for Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions are the first choice when it comes to sealing a high-performance cylinder. Our proprietary materials, such as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based Turcon® or polyurethane (PU) based Zurcon® ensure maximum durability and performance with minimum maintenance.

Specially engineered – extraordinarily efficient

Hydraulic systems are usually sealed with a complex configuration of high performance seals. Our Hydraulic Seals products range includes O-Rings and a number of innovative Seals designed for applications in hydraulic cylinders, such as the spring-energized Turcon® Variseal®, O-Ring engergized Turcon® Stepseal®2K, Zurcon® polyurethane U-Cup RU9 and many more.

Discover our Hydraulic Cylinder Seals product range

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a wide range of Seals for all applications within hydraulic cylinders:

Rod seals and piston seals prevent leakage of fluid from cylinders and stop pressure buildup.
Find out more about our Hydraulic Rod seals product range Discover our Piston seals
Wear rings guide the piston and piston rod preventing metal to metal contact.
Explore our wide range of Wear Rings and Guide Rings
Scrapers or Wipers are Seals which prevent external media from entering the cylinder.
Learn more about our Scrapers and Wipers


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