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Hydraulic Piston Seals

Hydraulic Piston Seals

Turcon® Stepseal® 2K

A single-acting O-Ring energized piston seal for dynamic applications installed in closed grooves including grooves to ISO 7425. Turcon® Stepseal® 2K offers high sealing efficiency, low friction with no stick-slip, minimal break out force and high wear resistance. Optimum sealing characteristics are achieved by installing in a tandem Turcon® Stepseal® or Rimseal arrangement together with a double-acting scraper. Available in Turcon® or Zurcon® materials.

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Reciprocating - active Oscillating - not active Rotary - not active Helix - not active Static - not active Single acting - active Double acting - not active

Technical details

Ø RangeStatic PressureTemp RangeVelocity
8 - 2,700 mm60 MPa-45°C +200°C15 m/s
0.315 in –
105 in
8,700 psi-50°F +390°F50 ft/s


Piston Seals Metric

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Těsnění pístu

(Czech) PDF 1542KB

Joints de Piston

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(Japanese) KB

Uszczelnienia Tłoków

(Polish) PDF 24286KB

Juntas de pistón

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Hydraulic Seals Metric

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Hydraulic Seals ( complete catalog)

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(CN Simplified) PDF 13496KB

Hydraulik Dichtungen - linear - Gesamtkatalog

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Joints Hydrauliques - Applications linéaires

(Français) PDF 6120KB

Гидравлические уплотнения возвратно

(Russian) PDF 10343KB

Juntas Hidráulicas

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Hydraulic Seals Inch

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Hydraulic Seals Inch

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