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News & Press

News & Press

New Advances in Cassette Sealing


Trelleborg Sealing & Solutions expert Bill Bishop in collaboration with Fluid Power World gave a webinar on eight new advances in cassette sealing. This is now available on demand.

This webinar featured a unique cassette seal design for very difficult environments. The unitized seal design improves contaminant exclusion and static sealing ability, while its advanced lip technology helps reduce friction and wear to lengthen seal life

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How the Trelleborg Cassette Seal CSL1500 is different than other seals available on the market
  • How Trelleborg used the technology developed during the Cassette Seal CSL1500 development to improve their rotary designs.
  • How outside-the-box thinking enabled Trelleborg to open a whole new market for cassette seals.

Watch the Webinar now