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Machine tools

Machine tools

Manufacturing & Machine Tools

Machine tools and manufacturing equipment operate in high-demand environments. Sealing solutions in this industry must be long-lasting and ensure continuous operation. Simultaneously, machine tool operators need a solution that can meet the large turnover and increasing speed and precision requirements.

Developing sealing solutions for manufacturing and industrial applications is one of our key competences. Our main customers are found amongst the manufacturers of industrial presses and injection molding machines, as well as in the field of fluid technology (pneumatics and hydraulics). Based on our know-how and long-standing experience, we at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions are able to offer a range of standard products, as well as optimum solutions for highly specific sealing systems with unique requirements.

Our Solutions

Film: Hydraulic Seals for Injection Molding Machines

Hydraulic cylinders in injection molding machines require complex sealing solutions to support the challenging operating conditions. We’ve highlighted some application examples in our film Hydraulic Seals for Injection Molding Machines.