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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Isolast® FFKM: The ultimate in elastomer sealing

Outstanding resistance to chemicals

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) materials are terpolymers of monomers in which all hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine. The absence of hydrogen in the molecular chain dramatically increases both their chemical and thermal resistance. The cross-linked molecular chains enable them to combine the resilience and sealing force of an elastomer with the chemical inertness and thermal stability of PTFE.

Unrivalled operating characteristics

Isolast® is the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions range of high specification perfluoroelastomer compounds. It offers the widest portfolio on the market engineered to meet specific processing demands. Virtually inert, the materials perform well in a broad range of chemical media including organic and inorganic oxides, acids, alkalis, amines, esters and steam at continuous operating temperatures from -25°C to +325°C / -13°F to +617°F.

Improving production efficiency

In tests Isolast® is proven to have better operating characteristics than other elastomer types as well as competitive perfluoroelastomers. The two grades J9515 and J9516 have been developed to meet the most stringent standards and are ideal for sealing in aggressive solvent-based cleaning fluids. They help reduce downtime and improve production efficiency by extending seal life.

Areas of use:

Isolast® provides the ultimate solution for elastomer sealing in aggressive chemicals and at extreme temperatures.

Recommended for similar areas of use to those of EPDM or FKM materials but where extremely aggressive media is present.


Isolast® can be manufactured in a variety of standard and custom designs. In addition, we have developed many innovative cost-effective solutions that minimize FFKM content.

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