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Active Body Control

Active Body Control keeps a vehicle level regardless of load conditions (leveling system), avoids rolling when driving round a corner (anti-roll system) and mass damps body frequencies up to 6 Hz (active suspension). To achieve this, the upper spring plate is positioned vertically using hydraulics, quickly and precisely. Seals must cope with extremes in pressure, velocity and temperature while maintaining low friction.

Seal characteristics:

  • Withstands temperatures from -40°C to +125°C / -40°F to +248°F
  • Operates in high pressures up to 18 MPa / 2,611 psi
  • Operates in surface velocity up to 2.4 m/s / 8 ft/s
  • Resistant to Pentosin CHF 11S

Typical seals in these applications:

Twin seal

LCA and double-edge Scraper