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Research and Development

Commitment to provide future sealing solutions

To make sure we can offer the correct products and materials to meet future needs, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions invests heavily in research and development. 8 centers of excellence located in Bridgwater (England), Helsingør (Denmark), Malta , Stuttgart (Germany), Shanghai (China), Kalmar (Sweden), Fort Wayne and Northville (USA), are commited to ongoing programs of material and product development.

Advanced material formulation

Our database of over 2,000 unique formulations includes best-in-class compounds that perform in demanding environments where temperatures are extreme, media aggressive, pressures high and standards stringent.

Proprietary materials include Turel® elastomers, Isolast® perfluoroelastomers, Turcon® PTFE based materials, Zurcon® polyurethanes and our bearing materials Turcite®, Orkot® and HiMod®.

Unique innovative sealing products

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products are groundbreaking with many becoming industry standards. Our proprietary products include AQ-Seal® , Double Delta® , Glyd Ring® , Stepseal®, Variseal® and Wills Rings®, the original metal O-Ring.

Custom designs are produced to meet customer-specific requirements with the aid of Finite Element Analysis and other leading-edge technology. If needed, these seals will undergo short or long term testing by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions laboratories before volume production.