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Research and Development

Research and Development

Product Development

The products in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions standard range are suitable for a variety of applications. As requirements cannot always be satisfied with existing sealing solutions, our Product Development team can create custom solutions, from a simple sealing element to a multi-component part with integrated features.

Trelleborg can create the solution

A wide variety of materials and a broad range of options in production technology are the basis of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions product development. The interaction of modern development methodology with experience of simulation and trial, lead to the development of specialized custom-made products.

No matter whether durable high-pressure seals or delicate ventilation valves, low-friction shock absorber seals or unyielding dirt scrapers are required for the task at hand, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Product Development Division offers special solutions providing the best possible product for the customer.