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Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management

The Quality Management team within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a key function consisting of people from many disciplines. The quality of our products and services are always the overall result of all the activities in every phase of the development & manufacturing process.

Our Philosophy

Quality Assurance through long-term partnerships with customers, employees and suppliers is of principle concern at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Pragmatic approaches, which are understood and realized at all levels, have priority in the Quality Management System, ahead of striking catchwords or stylish standards.

Basic statement:

Every customer is absolutely entitled to the quality and performance as promised. Among other things, this includes product features, deadlines and costs/prices. We also extend these promises to any partner to whom we give or have given a service pledge in the sense of a promise of delivery and performance as they are our customers as well.

Quality: comprehensive

We look at quality comprehensively. Beyond product quality, we increase the scope of the quality concept and of the demands we have imposed upon ourselves to include all processes and services. These connect us, not only to each other, but also with our customers and suppliers.


All employees are committed to our Quality Policies, which are available to every employee in the intranet. Each of us understands that he or she is a bearer of the image of Quality Policies. This means that every single one of us makes a contribution to the Quality Objective we have imposed upon ourselves, and which is expected of us by our customers, by being a good example and through qualitatively unobjectionable performance.