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Archive 2009

1 déc. 2009 Sealing in capsule for handling semiconductor wafers Sealing system for unique Cyclop Sealing™ capsule
3 nov. 2009 E-Catalog: Updated! Electronic catalog has enhanced usability
1 nov. 2009 Turcon® fillers outperform nanoparticles Test results show traditional fillers are best
27 oct. 2009 Sealing advances in aircraft hydraulics Responding to more challenging conditions in flight controls
29 sept. 2009 Achetez en ligne vos Joints faciaux mécaniques ! Nouveau E-Shop de pièces de rechange sur www.face-seals.com
29 sept. 2009 Le Sealing Solutions Configurator est désormais en ligne ! Revolutionary new e-tool makes engineers’ lives easier
11 août 2009 Sealing materials perform well in hygienic couplings In tests new compounds give superior results
4 août 2009 2france news Gives O-Ring specifications and part numbers
20 juil. 2009 Launching low-temperature aerospace compound New low-temperature FKM sealing compound
24 juin 2009 Materials for Plate Heat Exchanger gaskets Three new compounds meeting PHE requirements
10 juin 2009 Isolast® XploR™ J9513 meets RGD test conditions First perfluoroelastomer to conform to standard
19 mai 2009 The optimum sealing compounds for biofuels Results identify the best materials to use
7 mai 2009 Tough seals for tile makers 100-plus seals in tile making machines
29 avr. 2009 Mechanical Face Seals for extreme rotation New catalog online now!!
27 avr. 2009 Tolerance tables to ISO 3601-1:2008 now online O-Rings confirmed to new global standard
30 mars 2009 Zurcon® Dualseal improves performance Single-seal solution for hydraulic cylinders
26 mars 2009 New semiconductor industry section on website Sealing solutions specifically for the semiconductor sector
24 févr. 2009 Launching Turcon® Roto VL Seal® Ideal for rotary applications in smaller spaces
24 févr. 2009 Turcon® MF5 achieves NSF listing Two compounds conform to NSF/ANSI Standard 51
9 févr. 2009 Updated Rotary Seals catalog available online Download best-in-class sealing information
2 févr. 2009 New online tools available now Try out material search and chemical compatibility check
30 janv. 2009 Improved O-Ring calculator US Manufacture of engineered silicone products
29 janv. 2009 Sealing in biofuels Meeting the challenge of greener fuels
22 janv. 2009 Chemical Compatibility Brochure updated Check it out today!