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High Performance Seals For Aerospace Applications

As a global market leader in the supply of aerospace sealing solutions, with over 60 years of experience in the industry, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can provide the optimum seal for the majority of applications. 

The materials used are suitable to be fitted on anything from a two-seater light aircraft to heavy-duty long-range commercial airliners, from helicopters to spacecraft and satellites. As specialists in polymer technology, we have for decades been a world-leader in the development of polymeric compounds for use in aerospace applications.

The right materials for the job

Not only does Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develop and formulate its aerospace materials in-house, it has also acquired significant skills in the field of applied materials technology enabling us to recommend coatings and surface finishes. Seals can be individually hand-fabricated, automatically molded, fabric-reinforced or bonded to metallic components.

To select the optimum material for your application use our online tools:

  • Material search allows you to identify compounds that meet specific property requirements and those that comply to specific approvals or standards.
  • Chemical compatibility check allows you to find the level of resistance of material groups to a broad range of media, both fluids or gases including those used within semiconductor manufacturing.