Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta - O-Rings and Moldings

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Malta is a world class manufacturer of advanced sealing solutions.
It boasts 50 years of O-Ring and Engineered Molded Parts manufacturing experience,
with an emphasis on technical performance and quality assurance.


  • Material development and compounding
  • Focus on performance and quality
  • Leader in Machine Vision Inspection
  • In-house tool design and fabrication
  • Low-friction Surface Coating
  • O-Rings
  • Engineered Molded Parts
  • Forsheda® V-Ring


  • FKM
  • FVMQ
  • HNBR
  • VMQ
  • EPDM
  • AEM
  • NBR

Industries Served

  • Automotive: Fuel Injectors, Pumps and Connectors, Climate Control, Brakes, Electronic Control Units, Batteries.
  • Industrial: Air Compressors, Vacuum Systems, Wind Turbines, Agricultural Equipment, Machine Tooling.
  • New: Life Sciences


  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO14001

World class supplier of O-Rings and molded parts

Advanced sealing solutions capabilities of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta are featured in this film.