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Orkot® Slydring® & Bearings

Orkot® materials are made of special thermoplastic resin impregnated with a fabric composite of fine weave fibers.

Where heavy-duty bearing systems are required, Slydring® bearings made from Orkot® material are an established solution worldwide. They offer excellent service life, high compressive strength, heat and chemical resistance along with very low friction characteristics.

Orkot® Slydring® improves system life and reliability
For rod and piston applications in dynamic hydraulic systems where high side loads are present, Orkot® Slydring® bearings can act as guide rings to maintain correct positioning and concentricity of reciprocating and rotating components. Use of Orkot® Slydring® prevents metal-to-metal hardware contact between moving parts and eliminates scoring and fretting of hardware, resulting in improved system life and reliability.

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