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Turcon® Wedgpak® - Slipper Seal
The Turcon® Wedgpak® consists of a proprietary triangular elastomer sealing element, supported by two Delta shaped Back-up Rings, that prevent the elastomer sealing element from spiralling or rolling under severe working conditions. The small elastomer contact area of the Wedgpak® design, results in a slipper seal type performance, with low static and dynamic friction. At the same time, the elastomer wipes the surface efficiently, providing excellent leakage control. The Wedgpak® Back-up Ring provides support and extrusion protection for the elastomer sealing element. A full range of sizes are offered to suit all MIL-G-5514F and AS4716 grooves. Custom designs available on request.
Turcon® Wedgpak®
Technical Drawing

Technical Details 

  • Reciprocating
  • Oscillating
  • Rotary
  • Helix
  • Static
  • Single acting
  • Double acting

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