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Custom-made Engineered Thermoplastics

Improving performance and simplifying assembly

A wide range of high performance, high modulus thermoplastics are available for use as custom-molded and machined components. Grades can optimize operation on structural, chemical, electrical and high-performance bearing applications.

Custom and near-net molded shapes save machining time and money, while properties can be matched to requirements with additives. High modulus materials provide excellent chemical compatibility and wear properties.

Engineered thermoplastics are ideal for many semiconductor applications, such as wafer processing and handling, including bearings and bushings.

Parts can be combined with other machined parts and seals to make sub-assemblies, which improve performance and simplify product assembly processes. Plastic injection molded and machined parts are also often used as inserts for products such as overmolded Isolast® FFKM wafer carrier seals, where increased rigidity is needed to ease product assembly or to obtain improved stability.

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