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Advanced Composites

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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced composite products and automation equipment for composite part production.

The high strength, low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) and reduced weight of composites make them ideal for structural components in semiconductor processes. In addition, low inertia properties can help accurately speed up movement, by reducing processing time and increasing yield.

We design and manufacture composite parts to fit semicon requirements, offering a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including cylinders, cones, box beams, I-beams, coils, flat laminates, and complex geometries up to 12 meters/ 40 feet long with outer diameters (ODs) from 0.5/ mm 0.020 inch to 152 cm/ 60 inches.

In addition, we offer right-sized, automated fiber placement (AFP) and automated tape laying (ATL) equipment for thermoset and thermoplastic applications.

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