Healthcare & Medical

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Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare & Medical is a broad term encompassing, among others, the biological, chemical, and medical fields. Composites play a key role in many of these areas and do so in a variety of ways. Offering ideal strength-to-weight ratios and non-reactive materials, thermoplastic composites lend advantages to critical operations such as production, storage, filtration, and transportation.

We have seen medical research look to composite solutions for life changing applications such as imaging equipment and prosthetic limbs. Biotechnology and bio-processing continue to advance with the help of composites, and lightweight thermoplastics have improved chemical handling abilities of researchers.

Versatility & Customization

Popular needs encompass reinforced piping and tubes, custom designed containers, and pressure vessels. Automated Dynamics’ AFP equipment is perfectly suited for such cylindrical applications. Placing plies/layers one at time enables full customization to optimize load paths, and the automated process offers a repeatable solution. This is critical when faced with testing and regulatory challenges. Benefits include:

  • Non-reactive materials
  • High-strength designs are possible while maintaining a relatively thin wall thickness and light weight
  • Pieces are easy to implement, transport, or manipulate (e.g. Drilling)
  • Maintain their shape – can be perfectly rounded and are not easily warped
  • Recyclability – depending on the application, parts can be re-used
  • Sizes can range from just a few centimeters to over 120cm inner diameter

Process Control

Imperative to standardizing production systems, Automated Dynamics specializes in using qualified materials and processes. Automation in particular lends itself well to a fully monitored production process and minimizes variance in your finished products. This aids in the process of scaling up operations, moving from initial research to high-volume production.