Continuous-Fiber Billets For The Oilfield


Continuous-Fiber Billets For The Oilfield

Composite billets and wear rings made from continuous-fiber thermoplastics are often used in oilfield, petrochemical, and energy applications. Preferred for their mechanical properties, chemical resistances, high degree of impact toughness, and low moisture absorption, thermoplastic composites have filled a need for reliable parts that can withstand harsh down-hole and sub-sea operating environments. Examples include displacement pumps in downstream and midstream applications and wear rings used down-hole to protect parts such as production casing strings.

The demands of operating in an oilfield environment have led significant innovation in composites. Harsh conditions increase susceptibility to failures and downtime, both of which can cost millions, and continuous-fiber reinforced composites have become instrumental in overcoming these challenges. Composites possess strength-to-weight ratios up to 30 times higher than metals, offer improved environmental resistance, have a friendly relationship with electronics, and are easier to drill out without causing damage.

Automated Dynamics, now part of Trelleborg Group, has spent decades creating custom designed composite parts for our oil and energy customers. We offer unique composite solutions for a variety of down-hole, sub-sea, and other Oil & Gas applications. Our engineers and technical sales team work closely with customers to understand their needs and develop a joint solution, from prototyping to production manufacturing. Our structures are manufactured with an automated, repeatable process—both essentials for our customers’ confidence in the consistency of their products.

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