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Thermoset AFP

Thermoset materials have been around for a long time and have a well-established place in the market. They frequently have lower raw material costs compared to other composite types and often provide an easier pathway to production.

Thermoset Composites

Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) of thermoset composites has been practiced and improved by Automated Dynamics for decades, and we work with clients to make the benefits of AFP a reality. We provide a cost-conscious industry with an affordable alternative in custom robotic equipment. Our machines are ideally suited for both development and production-oriented environments.

We offer:

  • Advanced automation techniques
  • Complex fiber paths and part geometries
  • On-line debulking of thermosets
  • Customized hardware integrations tailored to your needs
  • Proprietary, easy-to-use software that has you up and running in hours
  • State-of-the-art design and over 30 years of experience in composites

Multiple or single tape and tow placement technology comprised of Automated Dynamics’ hardware and software can be integrated into a complete, fully automated work cell. The fiber-placement head and discreet controls can also be provided as an autonomous unit to be utilized in conjunction with an existing winding platform. This intentional, modular design is built to suit the range of needs from university and government laboratories to demanding production facilities.

Automated Dynamics is a world leader in automated fiber placement and we offer affordable, reliable, and proven equipment that limits costs and enables innovation.