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Polymer Bearings & Bushings

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers composite bearings and thermoplastic bearings for a wide range of applications. Bearings are fitted within an application to allow constrained relative motion between two or more parts. They are mechanical devices that support another part and/or reduce friction.
Turcite-B Slydway
Turcite®-B Slydway® is a low friction linear bearing strip C for use primarily, on the ways and gibs of machine tools. It provides low friction, stick-slip-free operation, long life and minimum wear. TurciteR®-B Slydway® is applied using a two- part epoxy resin after cleaning and degreasing the bare metal surface thoroughly. Turcite®-B Slydway® is dimensionally stable, maintenance free and can be operated with or without lubrication.
Trelleborg's range of bearing materials includes Turcite® and HiMod® engineered thermoplastic bearings and Orkot® synthetic composite bearings. 
Orkot Marine and Hydro Bearings
Orkot is a composite consisting of technical fabrics impregnated with thermosetting resins, evenly dispersed solid lubricants and other additives. Orkot bearings offer significant advantages over traditional metal bearings. All are dimensionally stable, have excellent wear resistance and outstanding low-friction characteristics, giving them unrivalled performance in dry running conditions or with boundary lubrication. With virtually no swell in seawater, they are ideal for marine and hydropower applications.