Zurcon® Dualseal improves performance

Zurcon® Dualseal improves performance

Zurcon® Dualseal improves performance

Single-seal solution for hydraulic cylinders

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions introduces the Zurcon® Dualseal. It replaces the traditional configuration of an O-Ring and a Back-up Ring for static sealing in hydraulics. A single component, it can easily retrofit existing standard O-Ring grooves and gives the advantage of improved performance in some applications.

The traditional sealing option for hydraulic cylinders in static situations is an O-Ring and Back-up Ring combination. In some applications there may be the risk that during assembly the O-Ring can twist and that the position of the Back-up Ring is not optimal. The combination can also exhibit weaknesses when there is pressure pulsation and potential ingress of dirt. The single-component Zurcon® Dualseal solves these problems. It has a very high resistance to twisting, ensures ease of assembly and has a long service life. In addition, it is extremely resistant to high-pressure extrusion, capable of a radial sealing gap of 0.20mm/.008in.

Zurcon® Dualseal one-piece solution easily replaces existing two-piece designs

“Easy retrofitment is the most advantageous attribute of the Zurcon® Dualseal,” says Joe Woods, Fluid Power Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas. “We’re always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier. Engineers can easily replace their existing two-piece designs with our one-piece Zurcon® Dualseal solution. This means better performance and less downtime.”

The Zurcon® Dualseal is manufactured in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions standard Zurcon® Z20, a special turquoise 93 Shore A polyurethane. It is suitable for all HL and HLP hydraulic fluids. Ideal applications include: forklifts, industrial hydraulics, injection molding, cartridge valves, mobile hydraulics, machines tools and hydraulic presses.

Advantages of the Zurcon® Dualseal:

  • Single component
  • High resistance to twisting
  • Improved fit within groove
  • Easy assembly
  • Symmetrical to eliminate assembly errors
  • Long service life
  • High extrusion resistance

Operating conditions of the Zurcon® Dualseal:

  • Pressure: Maximum 50MPa/ 7,250psi
  • Temperature: -35°C to +110°C/ -31°F to +230°F
  • Preferred sealing gap: Bore H8, Gland g6

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