Wills Rings® Catalog Updated

Wills Rings® Catalog Updated

Now featuring a streamlined range of Wills Rings® to meet emerging customer requirements and including new production capabilities.  

Wills Rings®, the original metal O-Ring seals withstand extreme conditions that exceed the capabilities of elastomer and polymer seals. First developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions at its facility in Bridgwater, UK, the term Wills Rings® is used internationally as a generic term to describe metal O-Ring seals.

The new edition of the catalog gives updated ranges and product types to meet today’s demanding requirements, whether in fire safe valves, cryogenic situations or ultra-high vacuums.

Key updates:

  • Solid and unpressurized Wills Rings® O design types no longer available as standard selections
  • Copper and mild steel materials options no longer available for Wills Rings® type O
  • Series sizing options modified to better meet common application requirements
  • Streamlining of plating options, including removal of Indium, gold and copper as standard selections
  • Inconel 718 for Wills Rings® O removed as a standard option and now only available on request