Watch the Turcon® VL Seal with Back-pumping


Watch the Turcon® VL Seal with Back-pumping in Action with a New Film

A new video shows the lubrication management technology behind the innovative Turcon® VL Seal, explaining the principles of how it operates and its benefits.

Designed specifically with the aerospace industry in mind, Turcon® VL Seal offers increased life through optimized performance and wear resistance. The secret to its extended capabilities is careful management of oil and media across the seal; a technique developed in Trelleborg Sealing Solutions research and development facilities.

Typically, the primary sealing element in this kind of arrangement would not allow any oil to pass, meaning that the secondary element suffers increased wear through inadequate lubrication. Using lubrication management principles, it is possible to let a small amount of media through to lubricate the second seal, giving extended life to the total sealing arrangement.

Turcon® VL Seal is a single-acting L-shaped Turcon® seal with an elastic energizer for dynamic applications. Its design provides low friction, no stick-slip effect and high wear resistance. It features the Turcon® Stepseal® back-pumping effect . The seal can be installed in a standard O-Ring groove (AS4716).

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