Updated Area and Volume Calculator


Updated: Area & Volume Calculator

Quick support with area and volume calculations on your desktop or mobile

Have you ever needed to calculate the square footage of an oddly shaped room? Or the volume of a complex space like a HVAC unit?

Have you ever pondered what a sphere filled with chocolate drink mix would weigh?

Calculating the area or volume of shapes can be frustrating and time consuming. Developed with the engineer in mind, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Area & Volume Calculator is an easy-to-use tool to support you with these tasks.

The tool supports a full range of area and volume calculations – just select a shape, input your measurements and the tool quickly calculates area, perimeter, volume and weight. In this latest version, we’ve doubled the number of shapes and sub-shapes available for calculation!

Use the Area & Volume Calculator web tool

Download the Area & Volume Calculator Mobile app to your smartphone

What the Area & Volume Calculator does for you

  • Over 170 geometric shapes and sub-shapes available for calculation
  • Have the radius, but not the diameter? No problem, this calculator supports various calculation methods to meet your needs
  • Calculate weights - choose from metals, wood, liquids and more. Fill your shape with Almonds, Aluminum or any one of 1,500 materials to calculate the weight.
  • Provides full Information on the definition of the shape and the formula used for calculation
  • Directly calculate volume or begin with a 2D shape and area calculation and then select a related 3D shape to calculate volume.
  • Swipe through categories, shapes and sub-shapes or do a direct search to find the shape you need
  • Supports a range of units - calculations can be carried out in a range of Metric, Inch (UK) and Inch (US) units, from millimeters to miles
  • Easy-to-understand illustrations with labels for all measurements
  • Star your favorite materials to quickly calculate weight
  • Calculator available in English and German
  • The mobile app is also optimized for use on iPad

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