Safety First pays dividends

Safety First pays dividends

Safety First pays dividends

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Broomfield dramatically cut its accident rate over the past three years and earned the prestigious Voluntary Protection Program Award of Merit from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for its efforts. The award recognizes the commitment of employees and management to create a workplace that far exceeds industry standards. It is highly prized as, according to OSHA, only about 2,000 of the 7.5 million work sites in the United States have received the honor.

Picture shows Bob Sparks, Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Broomfield and Tom Potosky, General Manager, holding the VPP Merit Award

In 2004, the Broomfield facility reported 12 accidents or injuries. While General Manager Tom Potosky said the injuries were mostly muscle strains and small cuts, the rate was twice the industry average. So far in 2008, the plant has only reported one injury.

“We cut our accident rate by increasing employee safety training, improving operational procedures and adding new safety features to machinery,” said Potosky. “Employees contributed by volunteering for a safety oversight committee. Interest in joining the committee is so high; the number of volunteers usually exceeds the number of spots available.”

The team at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Broomfield is justly proud of OSHA’s recognition of its safety record

A five-person OSHA inspection team spent a week at the plant evaluating its operations. The scrutiny is much greater than the level plants are usually required to face. Employees benefit from a much safer workplace, and companies’ efficiency and productivity is increased, staff turnover is lowered and employee recovery time reduced. These factors all contribute to a company’s improved reputation and standing within its industry.

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