New seal solution from Busak+Shamban ensures highest purity in processing applications


New seal solution from Busak+Shamban ensures highest purity in processing applications

Worldwide sealing developer and manufacturer, Busak+Shamban,introduces a high performance sealing solution for installationwithin processing system pipework. Ferrule gaskets are engineeredfrom their FDA compliant Isolast® plus material, offering maximumseal integrity and cost benefits in pipework sealing throughoutfood, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical and biotechnology productprocessing.

With a long-proven performance in process sealing applications,Isolast® plus perfluoroelastomer was first choice material forBusak+Shamban technicians in their program to create a newsanitary ferrule gasket range. The focus was on sealing integrity,resistance to aggressive media, an ability to withstand temperatureextremes and purity of seal material.

The program resulted in the development of sanitary ferrulegaskets in two Isolast® plus material grades: J9515 (black) andJ9516 (white). The seals are proven to be thermally resistant from-15°C to +250°C (5°F-482°F), have almost universal chemical compatibility,including with CIP and SIP media, are FDA and USP class V1compliant and, with an extended seal life, reduce maintenance costsand downtime.

Isolast® plus ferrule gaskets with typical process pipinggasket arrangement. 

Possible contamination at connections in system pipework is amajor concern in pure-product processing applications, so theability of the new seals to minimize contamination and bacterialingress is a particular advantage. The issue of purity is furtheraddressed by Busak+Shamban, which provides the option of manufactureand packaging in a cleanroom environment.

Both grades of Isolast® plus ferrule gasket seals are availableto suit process industry ferrule gasket sizes from 34 to 119 mm(1.339-4.685 in) outer ring diameters as standard products, with other dimensionsmanufactured to order.