Learn the Benefits of Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® V

Learn the Benefits of Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® V

Learn the Benefits of Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® V with a New Brochure and Film

A film and brochure explain the benefits and design details of a new premium double-acting rotary seal.

Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® V is a premium double-acting rotary seal with outstanding performance and reliability in rotary applications. Reduced contact surfaces under all operating conditions significantly improve friction and wear characteristics without compromising sealing performance. Designed for continuous service at high and low PV values, the seal also gives improved performance in oscillating conditions or where there are frequent changes in pressure and/or velocityIt is the product of extensive research and development to create a new seal that excels in high pressure and temperature applications. Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® V runs with low torque at all pressures from 0.5 MPa / 72.5 psi and above with low sensitivity to pressure increases from 0.5 to 20 MPa / 72.5 to 2900 psi. Testing shows a PV twice as high as other bi-directional seals and 50% lower friction.

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