New In the Groove Magazine Available

New In the Groove Magazine Available

New In the Groove Magazine Available

The latest edition of in the groove, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions magazine aimed at engineers, is now available. The app version contains additional content and printed copies can be ordered from your local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company.

This issue includes:

• Precisely - Collaborative engineering of unique solutions for DENSO WAVE's robotic innovations.

• Vane Seals - A new production method gives leak-free performance in Vane Seals.

• Subsea Revolution - Helping customer, STL, 'revolutionize' the oil industry with custom seals.

• All the Fun of the Fair - How Trelleborg is engaging with its audience and making sealing more entertaining.

• Isolast® FFKM: New Compounds for New Challenges - A suite of new materials to meet the latest customer needs.

• Perfect Pressing - Sealing solutions for China's number one tile producer, HLT.

• Advanced Delivery - Trelleborg's customizable and scalable logistics solution.

• From Imitation to Innovation - Jan Hökerberg explores a shift in the Chinese economy.

• Industry Focus: Automotive - How the automotive industry has evolved since its early beginnings.

• HP20 Rotary Oil Seal - A new patented seal design for low-speed/ high-torque motors.

• Taking the Pressure Off Car Batteries - A small but ingenious valve seal meets considerable demands.

• Fire Seals Test Lab - Unique testing capabilities to support product development and qualification.

• Keep on Running - Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring® V withstands high pressures and velocities.

• How Global is Your Local Seal Supplier? - Meet Mandy Wilke, Technology Specialist Fluid Power Europe in Stuttgart, Germany.

To read all the articles, visit the in the groove magazine website to get the latest news and trends in the world of seals. You can also keep up to date on the interactive in the groove app for iPad, which can be found by searching for “Trelleborg” in the app store.