Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator App


Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator App

By simply entering the dimensions of the cylinder, and parameters like pressure and oil flow, an engineer is quickly provided with areas and volumes in the cylinder, extraction and retraction forces, velocity, time, outflow and ratio to simplify single- or double-acting cylinder design and specification.

The app updates dynamically as the user enters information, and provides full listings of the formulas used in the calculations. Additionally, interactive images depicting the parameters ensure that the user can easily understand the application.

It accepts and outputs data that conforms to ISO 3320, ISO 3321 and ISO 4393, in both metric and inch formats. Results can either be copied to the clipboard or sent via email.

The app is available for iOS and android platforms, as well as a web-based application for desktop use. To get the mobile version, click here or search for ‘Trelleborg’ in the App Store or Google Play. To use the web-based version, click here.

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