News: e-Learning on Rotary Seals


New e-Learning lessons on Rotary Seals

The first lesson on Rotary Seals is now available to you for free:
Rotary Seals Basics Part 1

To access the complete module, please follow the link (registration and log in is required): e-Learning program

You will find two successive lessons that build on each other.

The first lesson features information on:
  • General introduction of Rotary seals
  • Rotary seals materials
  • Radial seals

The second lesson features information on:
  • Axial seals
  • Cassette seals
  • Seal selection
  • Tools & services

All lessons end with an optional test in which you can test what you have learned. A lesson glossary is also provided.

Additional documents can be obtained in the lesson for more detailed information.

Enjoy our brand new lessons!