Launching the HiMod® FlatSeal™ range

Launching the HiMod® FlatSeal™ range

Launching the HiMod® FlatSeal™ range

Result of a global strategic partnership
“Rapid delivery of prototypes for gaskets is part of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions service. We’ve invested in leading-edge technology in our manufacturing facility in Condé, France,” says Ralf Gergen, project leader for introduction of HiMod® FlatSeal™ into industrial applications. “Our oscillating-knife cutting machine has a reduced set-up time. That means in most cases, when requested at quotation, samples can be submitted together with the offer.”

The new HiMod® FlatSeal™ range of best-in-class flat gaskets is the result of a global strategic partnership entered into by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Frenzelit Werke. This will combine the expertise of both companies so that they can satisfy the needs of the market for high-quality flat gaskets.

Satisfying requirements of majority of gasket applications
The new range consists of seven products that will satisfy the requirements of the majority of gasket applications within aerospace, chemical and processing industries. It offers compliance with virtually all relevant standards including FDA and those for blowout and fugitive emissions. Initially the HiMod® FlatSeal™ will be supplied into France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Details of the unique HiMod® FlatSeal™36:
Material profile ensures maximum safety
Containing no bonding or filling agents, this gasket is made of expanded graphite with a purity of over 99.5 percent and flat metal inserts of acid-proof stainless steel. Its unique material profile meets the highest safety requirements, while the metal insert guarantees easy handling and a strong performance in the flange. With the best pressure to temperature ratio of any gasket on the market, it allows gaskets to be standardized throughout a processing facility.

Details of the other gaskets in the HiMod® FlatSeal™ range:
HiMod® FlatSeal™10 – A good all rounder
Suitable for a broad variety of standard applications, this gasket is ideal for use in average temperatures and pressures.

HiMod® FlatSeal™15 – Ideal for steam, oils, fuels and hydrocarbons
This gasket shows exceptionally good resistance to steam and fluids such as oils, fuels and hydrocarbons.

HiMod® FlatSeal™20 – Long-term resistance to high pressure
Providing high long-term pressure resistance, this gasket is also blowout resistant and complies with fugitive emissions standards.

HiMod® FlatSeal™34 – Metal insert for easier handling and strong performance
For universal use in a wide variety of general and chemical processing applications, the gaskets metal insert guarantees easy handling and a strong performance.

HiMod® FlatSeal™43 and 45 – Superior performance in food applications
Suitable for food contact, the gaskets offer improved performance compared to conventional polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) flat gaskets.

Gasket applications
Flat gaskets are primarily fitted in flanges and widely used in sanitary and industrial applications. For the more demanding petrochemical and chemical processing sectors, superior materials that are compliant with blow-out and fugitive emission regulations are offered. While for food and beverage applications, materials compliant with stringent food contact standards such as FDA, are provided. In addition, in the aerospace industry flat gaskets are fitted in bleed air, pressure and condition systems, as well as pipes, ducts and bellows.

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