New materials for new solutions

New materials for new solutions

New materials for new solutions

Busak+Shamban, one of the world’s leading seal developers and manufacturers, is continuously developing new materials to meet the specific needs of the aerospace industry. These include Isolast® for high temperatures and compatibility against aggressive media, Turcon® M30 for high-pressure situations where a non-abrasive material is required and FKM Turel® LTFE for low temperature applications.

Busak+Shamban make significant investment in research and development to ensure they are at the forefront of seal technology. Details are given of three compounds engineered to solve specific sealing challenges in aerospace applications.

Picture shows Isolast® seals - ideal for high temperature aero engine applications

Isolast® advanced perfluoroelastomer

Isolast®, the Busak+Shamban perfluoroelastomer is virtually inert and has almost universal chemical compatibility. Isolast® has been approved by several Aero Engine manufacturers and specialized grades are available, which operate at continuous temperatures up to 325°C (617°F). These are ideal for situations when seals will be subject to elevated temperatures and at the same time potentially in contact with aggressive media. A typical example would be the high temperature lubrication systems in aero engines. The fact that they can be molded to custom geometries or bonded to metal gives the material an added benefit in such environments.

Turcon® M30 – High Pressure, Non-Abrasive

Turcon® M30 is a PTFE based non-abrasive material for high-pressure applications, developed to offer sealing security over the increased component life of flight controls on new generation of civil aircraft such as A380 and the B787.

An optimum compound crystalline form gives this material a dense and homogeneous structure while aromatic polymer fillers mean it has high temperature resistance. The use of non-abrasive filler materials stops abrasion of mating surfaces under high loading conditions providing it with excellent friction characteristics, making it perfect for low-lubrication environments.

Ultra-Low Temperature FKM Turel® LTFE

The Turel® LTFE range of proprietary fluorocarbon elastomer (FKM) based materials provides certainty of sealing at temperatures as low as -40°C (-40°F). Laboratory testing has shown that the materials perform well at 10°C (50°F) lower than the next best low temperature FKM material and at least 20°C (68°F) lower than any ‘standard’ FKM material. At the other end of the temperature scale, they have equally as good or slightly improved properties to other FKM materials at 200°C (392°F).

In addition, immersion tests prove that Turel® LTFE is resistant to a wider spectrum of aircraft fluids than other materials, with an acceptable resistance to Skydrol 500B. These materials are ideal for sealing in any components that are subject to and are required to operate at extremely low temperatures, such as landing gear.