New Generation Isolast® Perfluoroelastomer Seals from Busak+Shamban for Semiconductor Processing.


New Generation Isolast® Perfluoroelastomer Seals from Busak+Shamban for Semiconductor Processing.

Three new Perfluoroelastomer materials, known as the Isolast®Fab Range™ have been developed by Busak+Shamban to meet theever-increasing demands for sealing within the semiconductorprocessing industry; Isolast® J9610 for wet processingenvironments, Isolast® J9630 for Plasma applications and Isolast®J9650 for high temperature wafer processing. These Fab Range™materials, specifically formulated for semiconductor processingapplications, compliment the established Isolast®Perfluoroelastomer portfolio.

Isolast® J9610 is a unique formulation providing optimumperformance in wet processing environments, including wet etch, wetstripping, wet cleaning, plating, chemical mechanical planarisation(CMP) and ultra pure de-ionised water applications. Inherentcapabilities enable the compound to cope with continuous operatingtemperatures up to 235°C, whilst exhibiting low levels ofextractable total organic carbon (TOC).

Isolast® J9630 is a material developed for use in plasmaprocessing, exhibiting minimum particulation and extremely lowoutgassing levels. It is also resistant to aggressive plasmas anddry process gasses in continuous service temperatures up to260°C.

Isolast® J9650 is a high temperature compound developed for hightemperature wafer-processing applications, including rapid thermalprocessing, chemical vapour deposition (CVD), diffusion processing,dry plasma etching, dry ashing, metallisation and annealing. Itprovides effective sealing operation up to temperatures of320°C.

Isolast® Fab Range™ materials are available in a wide range ofsealing profiles to precisely match semiconductor industryrequirements, including O-rings, gaskets, custom moulded geometriesand bonded components. Common features of the Fab Range™ include:ultra high purity, extremely low metallic cation extractables,minimum anion impurities, excellent long-term compression setproperties and chemical resistance to most media.

For critical applications within semiconductor processing,Isolast® Fab Range™ Perfluoroelastomer sealing materials aremanufactured in a clean room environment and then cleaned andpacked to class 100 standard. These additional material gradesextend the range of products supplied by Busak+Shamban to thesemiconductor industry, including PDR (Metal housings with bondedPTFE lip), Variseal®, Wills Rings® and standard elastomer sealingsolutions.

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