New Sealing Literature Now Available

New Sealing Literature Now Available

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has updated and expanded its offering of brochures and catalogs to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest developments in sealing technology.

Rotary Seals Catalog Update

As one of the core literature pieces for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the Rotary Seals catalog has been updated. Rotary Seals keep lubrication fluids in and external contaminants out, ensuring that applications keep running as efficiently as possible.

Included within the catalog are the full range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions rotary products, such as Radial Oil Seals, Cassette Seals and Turcon® Roto Glyd Ring®.

Download the Rotary Seals catalog.

New Kantseal Catalog

The Kantseal, a square-shaped alternative to the O-Ring, was previously only documented through the Static Seals catalog. Now, with detailed information available on materials and standard sizes, Kantseal has been given its own catalog.

Providing high extrusion resistance, outstanding sealing behaviour over long periods and no twisting in the groove mean Kantseal meets application requirements for flanges, valves, plates and locks.

Download the Kantseal catalog.

Updated Turcon® Varilip® PDR Catalog

Extending the barriers imposed by elastomer radial shaft seals through advanced material and design techniques, Turcon® Varilip® PDR are the first choice for challenging application conditions.

The new edition includes:

  • Enhanced, easier to use layout
  • Extended size range, up to 250 mm diameter
  • Additional selection options, including matching primary and secondary lip materials
  • New LaserJet marking capabilities and FDA-compliant materials
  • More technical selection information

Download the Turcon® Varilip® PDR Catalog

Updated Product Range

To better reflect the range and variety of solutions that Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers, the Product Range has been updated again.

Download the Product Range

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New Oil & Gas Literature Available

The Oil & Gas Sealing Capabilities brochure presents information on solutions designed to meet the strict requirements of the Oil & Gas industry. In addition, the Oil & Gas Sealing Systems Catalog and Engineering Guide has been updated from its 2013 version to provide more up-to-date product information.

Also relevant for Oil & Gas, as well as the Hydropower industry, is Trelleborg’s proprietary PEEK welding technique, which eliminates the need for expensive compression molding. Technical information on this proprietary technique, together with details on its applications can be found in the Welded Peek Products flyer.

Download the Oil & Gas Sealing Capabilities brochure

Download the Oil & Gas Sealing Systems Catalog and Engineering Guide

Download the Welded Peek Products flyer