New mobile app: Seals Catalog


New mobile app: Seals Catalog

Easily search for, select, compare and request a quotation for seals

Our newest mobile app, the Seals Catalog, brings the high-powered function of our web e-Catalog to you in a mobile friendly format.

You can use the app to:

  • Get detailed product descriptions on thousands of seals
  • Access material data sheets
  • Select and compare multiple seals
  • Search for and filter products by item number, type of seal or operating conditions
  • Request a quotation by logging in to your Trelleborg Sealing Solutions member account
  • Get more information about selected seals with quick links to relevant CADs and catalogs

This easy-to-use app lets you select seals, load up your shopping cart and send it through to your local marketing company for quotation.  You are guaranteed a rapid response, making the whole process of specifying and ordering seals easier and quicker than ever!

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2 million app downloads

The Seals Catalog app is just one of a number of mobile apps Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers to make the engineer’s working life easier, especially for those that are regularly on the move and working away from their desks. 

Recently, we reached the two million app download milestone. Some app highlights are:

All apps are available free of charge in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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Excellent tools and resources for Engineers

Design engineers are problem solvers – their job revolves around finding unique solutions for the challenges of their application and equipment. To make the engineer’s work easier, we’ve developed a portfolio of design support tools and apps.

Check it out and make your design work easier now!