Launching low-temperature aerospace compound

Launching low-temperature aerospace compound

Launching low-temperature aerospace compound

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches a new low-temperature FKM sealing compound specifically for aerospace engine applications.

The new VCT11 sealing compound from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a specially engineered low-temperature fluorocarbon (FKM) material. It is particularly suitable for aerospace engine applications requiring high temperature performance combined with low temperature capabilities, something older generation FKM materials cannot achieve.

Standard seals or complex geometries can be produced in the advanced VCT11 aerospace sealing compound

Material meets AMS 7379 low temperature requirements

Operating at temperatures below -40°C/ -40°F, VCT11 is one of only a few materials that meet the requirements of AMS 7379, the globally recognized specification for low temperature FKMs. It also has an unrivalled low compression set giving it outstanding stability.

In addition, as well as achieving excellent performance in aviation fuels, VCT11 is proven in tests to be resistant to High Thermal Stability (HTS) oils. These complex synthetic oils contain antioxidants and additives can cause embrittlement and deterioration of FKMs, inhibiting their function.

Sealing integrity in aerospace engine applications

VCT11 is especially suited to use in engine applications where seal integrity is paramount to their efficient operation, such as gearboxes, lubrication, scavenge and fuel systems. Its ability to go to lower temperatures combined with an exceptionally low compression set means that seal integrity is maintained on start-up and during normal operation. Uniquely VCT11 is not only available in the form of O-Rings but also as seals in a variety of geometries and gaskets, giving the engineer greater flexibility in component design.

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