Improved O-Ring calculator


Improved O-Ring calculator

A free program providing an easy method of calculating O-Ring specifications and housing designs is available on this website. The O-Ring calculator can help save time and energy for engineers from all industries where O-Rings are the main seal used. Already well-established, the industry-leading program has now had a major update and includes some important new features.

Further enhancements to this well-accepted engineering tool

The innovative O-Ring Calculator software from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions enables you to calculate O-Ring dimensions by simply entering installation specifications for your application. With its unique functions, it is wholly intuitive and remarkably easy to use. Functions of the calculator include a sizing capability, recommendation on design parameters and complete measurements. Results and comments may be printed, saved on-line or as a PDF. In addition, the new version of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions O-Ring calculator recommends O-Ring sizes and corresponding part numbers, so you know exactly which part you need.

Versatile and user-friendly

Incorporating a great deal of sealing expertise, the calculator even considers the complexities of compression, seal expansion and groove fill, while enabling the user to add notes to the results. The benefits of having this easy-to-use calculator are considerable, giving certainty of design and substantial time savings.

Well received by engineers globally since its launch in 2005, it has now had a major update inline with your needs. New features make the program even more versatile and user-friendly.

Enhancements in the latest update include:

  • ISO Quick Search Button - this innovative feature can make an O-Ring calculation in less than 10 seconds. After entering the bore or rod/shaft diameter, you will receive an O-Ring recommendation conforming to ISO 3601-1 and the O-Ring housing is calculated according to the recommendations of ISO 3601-2.
  • O-Ring Quick Search Button - this feature offers the selection of O-Ring nominal sizes according to the following national/international standards: ISO 3601-1, AS568C (USA), JIS B 2401 (Japan) NFT 47-501(France), SMS 1586 (Sweden)
  • More preset fits according to ISO 286-2 available
  • More preset material groups available
  • New O-Ring tolerances according to ISO 3601-1 Class B
  • New equation for the calculation of O-Ring cross section reduction caused by the elongation of the O-Ring inner diameter

In addition, our O-Ring Calculator continues to offer the following functions:

  • The following installation types are covered by this program - axial sealing, inner and outer radial sealing.
  • The program also offers pre-selected values including suitablerecommendations, in addition to the user specified dimension values. The respective dimensions are simultaneously highlighted in a parallel drawing.
  • You have the option to add your own comments, such as customer name or project specific information.
  • Calculation results, data input and detailed drawings generated can be easily saved within the application, printed in PDF format or forwarded by email.
  • Warning messages will appear in cases of input errors and deviation from our design recommendations.
  • The input of operating temperatures in relation to preset elastomer groups takes into account potential cross section changes. The linear thermal expansion coefficient is either preset or can be input individually.
  • Design recommendations pertaining to calculation results can be obtained by clicking on the i-buttons.

The O-Ring Calculator is available free-of-charge for online use on this website through our registration area, which gives access to other enhanced services including:

  • Sealing Solutions Configurator – Find the seals that will work best in your application
  • Powerful electronic catalog – With innovative interactive quote facility
  • Materials search and chemical compatibility check - Identify the optimum material for your application
  • Versatile CAD service - Makes drawing production easier
  • In depth product detail – Industry-leading catalogs online, available to all

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