Feed the World: An African Mission | Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Malta


Feed the World: An African Mission

Many of our employees are passionate about helping others who are less fortunate and need some support to progress in life. One from our Trelleborg Sealing Solutions facility in Malta decided that it was time for him to go the extra mile, which involved making a 9,000 kilometer round trip to Kenya.

In September 2019, he followed local priest Mario Cassar to the diocese of Malindi, where the Father carries out missionary work.  With prevailing neediness in the area, his mission is to fight hunger and poverty, while educating young minds to build a better future.

Two years ago, the priest began a feeding program, providing one meal per day to more than forty orphans, as well as giving food for a week every month to over 60 families.  He also pays schooling fees for several students, the number depending on donations received.

Our colleague Paul spent two weeks with Father Mario, visiting and feeding children in Da Basio, Watamu and Marafa.

Paul said: “The poverty encountered was significant, so it was a big culture shock for me coming from Malta, where we tend to take things for granted.  However, this deprivation was compensated for by the genuine smiles, simplicity and gratitude emanating from the faces of innocent children, who do not even have the privilege of running water or electricity in their makeshift homes.”

The employees of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Malta regularly donate to its ‘Qlub Generuzi’ (Generous Hearts in English) fund, which contributed toward the feeding program.

“This was a very humbling and introspective experience for me, which will surely leave a lasting impression,” concludes Paul.