Busak+Shamban parent, Trelleborg AB is 100 years old

Busak+Shamban parent, Trelleborg AB is 100 years old

Busak+Shamban parent, Trelleborg AB is 100 years old

Busak+Shamban are the global sales and marketing organization of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions who develop, manufacture and market safety-critical polymer based precision seals and associatedsystems.

On October 28 this year, our parent company, Trelleborg AB, celebrates their 100th anniversary.

Even though the company has reached its centenary, some things never change – like a passion for finding new solutions to complex problems. That is the way it was in 1905 when industrialist Henry
Dunker founded Trelleborgs Gummifabriks AB, producing bicycle tires and industrial rubber products. And that is the way it is today – 100 years later.

From humble beginnings at the start of the last century as a small rubber production plant on the South Coast of Sweden, Trelleborg took a huge step to evolve into a successful, technologically
advanced organization, with the world as its workplace; a world leader in polymer materials and high-technology solutions, globally employing 22,000 people in 40 countries.

Tires and raincoats have been replaced by a large number of niche products for the agricultural, forestry, aviation, construction, automotive, infrastructure and offshore oil industries, solutions adapted to the tough challenges and extreme demands of the forces of nature. Polymer expertise remains the foundation of operations but the company’s structure and products have developed and adapted to today’s society, in a way that Henry Dunker, could hardly have dreamt.

A background of innovativeness, technological development and endeavor for quality has given Trelleborg the experience needed for the future. The Group’s five business areas – Automotive, Sealing Solutions, Engineered systems, Wheel systems and Building systems – now hold leading positions in their world markets. Their inventive solutions for damping, protecting and sealing are utilized in more applications than imaginable.

To the Trelleborg group, quality is a state of mind and it adopts an in-depth approach to each problem, aiming to provide long-term solutions. Yesterday’s and today’s innovations, expertise and quality form the foundation of tomorrow – Quality is Timeless.