Busak+Shamban Named Preferred Supplier on Joint Strike Fighter Landing Gear Struts


Busak+Shamban Named Preferred Supplier on Joint Strike Fighter Landing Gear Struts

Landing gear shock struts absorb and dissipate landing impactenergy and reduce airframe stresses. Landing gear strut seals mustbe capable of operating in demanding sealing environments includingwithstanding extremely cold temperatures, as low as -65°F (-54°C)for extended periods of time, during flight. Busak+Shamban sealswere selected for the JSF based on their capability to performunder heavy load conditions in which significant hardwaredeflections and high pressure spikes occur.

“Landing gear systems must endure thousands of landing cyclesduring the life of the aircraft. Busak+Shamban landing gear shockstrut seal designs are second to none,” said Tim Callison,president of Busak+Shamban Americas. “Highly reliable landing gearshock strut seals and sealing systems with consistent performanceevery time is a known trademark of Busak+Shamban. We have extensiveexperience solving demanding landing gear sealing applications thathelp aircraft land safely time after time.”

Busak+Shamban provides complete sealing systems for all landinggear applications ranging from two-seater light aircraft to heavyduty long-range civil airliners, military jet fighters, fueltankers and large personnel and equipment transports.

Busak+Shamban has the expertise and resources to offer the mostadvanced elastomeric and PTFE technologies to ensure ultimatereliability in high pressure, high cycle and high sideloadapplications that result in large hardware clearances.
The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Program, formerly the JointAdvanced Strike Technology (JAST) Program, is the Department ofDefense's focal point for defining affordable next generationstrike aircraft weapon systems for the Navy, Air Force, Marines,and allies of the United States.
Founded in 1952, Busak+Shamban has grown into an internationalnetwork of over 60 facilities worldwide, including 32 manufacturingsites, strategically-positioned materials and developmentlaboratories, and design and application centers. The companyprovides over 40,000 sealing and polymer products for oil and gas,aerospace, automotive, and industrial sealing and bearing systemsto customers worldwide.